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Plant Health Care

A customized health and maintenance plan for your trees.

Plant Health Care

Adams Tree Preservation's Plant Health Care Program is a maintenance and improvement program customized for the trees at your home or business. The overarching goal of the Plant Health Care program is preservation. Large trees can’t be easily replaced and, with our Plant Health Care Program, we may be able to help you avoid costly tree removal.

Otis, an ISA Certified Arborist and licensed applicator, will examine the trees on your property during the initial consultation. He'll determine if nutrients need to be added to the soil and if there are any insects or diseases that need to be addressed. You’ll also benefit from a low-cost consultation after storms have damaged your trees.

The Plant Health Care Program is part of a long-term plan to keep the trees and shrubs on your property healthy. The program includes regular maintenance appointments throughout the year. You might need more appointments in the beginning to address ongoing issues or you might be in good shape and just need a check-in once a year. 

Our software system, Arborgold, gives us the ability to track your trees and shrubs over time. We’ll be able to manage treatments and understand how your trees and shrubs are progressing through the years.

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